SimCity BuildIt the most popular and played a game in 2015

Posted by admin on November 3, 2015

SimCity BuildIt game is the most popular game on the Internet today

playing SimCity BuildIt gives a tremendous experience of building the city and managing the city with its best applications and tools given in the SimCity BuildIt game. In SimCity BuildIt you need to build homes for Sims also build factory and manufacturing units in order to give for to the Sims against they are living in your city. In order to build your city and develop it you have to consistently produce the goods and sell them also build roads built infrastructures build biggest society build a more gardens and entertainment things for the Sims.

SimCity BuildIt has become a popular game in very short period

SimCity released on last December 16 and after six months of it’s releasing, SimCity BuildIt generates and connects with over 40 million people is in only six month. EA sports has point out exact need of a mobile game and created the fantastic game and jewels to SimCity BuildIt it. App Annie is the world’s number one mobile application tool which analysis the applications and games has said “that BuildIt has a tremendous success on mobile. It’s commanded a solid place on the charts since its launch. Always holding in the top 10 in US”.

Popularity and competitors

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SimCity BuildIt has only one competitor in its market which is Megapolis game. The Megapolis game is also a strategy game type but is not compatible as game is. The SimCity BuildIt is far better than Megapolis game. After the launching of Megapolis it was said that SimCity has a biggest competitor but since gamers have played Megapolis they understand that this game should not be the biggest competitor for simcity. But the SimCity BuildIt has its own class and Megapolis couldn’t match with that class that is why the SimCity BuildIt is on top now a days. The features are given below.

Features of SimCity BuildIt game

SimCity BuildIt has best management system given in the game and a mayor will handle and manage all the problems arises with the Sims and with the city at its best. SimCity BuildIt has resources like Simoleons and SimCash also it has a golden key which is used to build a special building like an educational building our and entertainment building which cannot be purchased with Simoleons or SimCash. People are crazy for SimCash and now they are searching for free SimCash on Internet also they are searching for simcity buildit cheats and simcity buildit cheats on the Internet to get the free resources for it to keep playing the game.

Comparison between Megapolis and SimCity BuildIt

as of the date today no one is playing Megapolis as per my knowledge because there is the SimCity BuildIt which is great game and in comparison with Megapolis there should not become their SimCity BuildIt to the Megapolis. Megapolis game is non-comparable game with the SimCity BuildIt. Have fun with SimCity BuildIt and keep building your city at its best.

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